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News and Updates


Minifigs4u Press Release 


February 21st 2020  


We've restocked plenty of our most popular figures! The Bad Batch continues to sell amazingly well! See Blog for more info!









October 9th 2018  

For the first time ever since we began selling our custom minifigures in 2012 as well as launch Minifigs4u as a widely known brand for having top quality custom printed minifigures always using LEGO genuine parts. It is my great pleasure to announce that we are selling other brands of custom minifigures. Don’t let this discourage you to avoid these new brands, Minifigs4u only accepts brands with the highest quality and meet our personal standards. 

Today, were launching figures from the companies Legend C (Hong Kong) and Arealight (Taiwan). But companies provide excellent products with attention to details. We are launching 6 new figures with more to come in the future. 

Going forward, Minifigs4u will continue to make our own custom minifigures dubbed “Minifigs4u Originals” alongside other brands. We want Minifigs4u to be the place to shop for custom miniatures and accessories. More companies will join Minifigs4u. Legend C and Arealight are just the first of many to come. 

If you have any questions or concerns, email me: legomaster13@gmail.com












November 29th: Coulson is ready for combat!

The first figure of our Winter 2013 Wave has arrived and is now shipping!


August 6th: 10 New Release's and tons of NEW Restocks!

This is the Final 2013 Summer Release, also these figures are selling exetremely fast, so buy before it's too late!


August 3rd & 4th: BrickFair Virginia 

Minifigs4u will again be at BrickFair Virginia, located just under Washington DC, we will be annoncing and unveiling 10+ brand new products (4 being Super Heroes) and some even being brand new themes! We will be giving special promotional items like T-Shirts and other exclusive convention only items! If your near the area (on the east coast of the US) then it's worth the trip not only to see us but because it's the number 1 largest LEGO convention on the western hemisphere! More info can be found at BrickFair.com! Hope to see everyone there! 


July 22nd: Martian Pursuer & Armored Patriot restocked and NOW SHIPPING!

Yes, after months awaiting, there finally back, any pre-orders of the Martian are being shipped first thing!


July 12th: CloneArmyCustoms Wave 3 Release, Weapons/Figures Restocked!

Be sure to go through the site and see what is restocked, there's lots including Commander Deviss!



May 16th: Our BIGGEST Release Ever! 

For the first time ever, were lanching 17 new products! Take a look around the site to see whats new, and restocked!


May 4th: BrickFair New Hampshire 

Minifigs4u will be vending at the BrickFair convention in Manchester, New Hampshire! The convention is open to the public May 11th & May 12th from 11AM to 4PM. We'll be launching 20 BRAND NEW PRINTED PRODUCTS! Some exclusive to the convention, we highy encourage to come as it will be lots of fun for the family, kids, and teens! 


April 29th: Pre-Order Martian Pursuer !

Due to high demand, the man of the hour returns! Get him while he lasts! 


April 18th: Armored Patriot Returns! 

He's back, and in a very limited supply so we suggest to act fast!


March 10th: 501st Custom Clones Restocked!

There finally here! Also, the Master Chief has been updated and restocked as well!


March 2nd: Martian Pursuer & Speedy

After weeks of waiting, there finally here! Buy now, cause we have a very limited amount!



February 20th: Wave 2 Printed Helmets

CloneArmyCustoms is back with all new wave for all your favorites from Umbara! 


February 12th: Weapon Restocks & SURVEY! FUTURE CUSTOMS! 

Hello everyone! We've got some helmet and all weapons have been restocked! Our store has been having many opportunities for Reseller stores around the world, more news on that shoudl be coming soon! 


Were planning on redesigning the entire website for a more modern and professional approach to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! More info coming soon!


Lastly, we're doign something different, I've created a Google Docs Survey to get an idea of what customs you'd like to see in the next couple of months, whether it be a certain, clone, superhero, or character, we've got you covered! 



January 6th: Hunting Survivalist & Armored Patriot! 

The first two figures of 2013! You've been waiting and there finally here! 


December 18th: Thorn and Bacara with Bly returning!

Thorn has to put on my top list of Star Corps customs, he looks great! 


December 18th: Regular Clone Trooper & Arc Blitz

Bringing you the last clones of 2012 here on the site! 


December 15th: Printed Helmets!

Finally, after 6 months of perfection, with a variety of 15 versions are here!


December 15th: Colt and Echo with Fives returning! 

The Arc Troopers are here to kick some serious butt! The droid won't stand a chance!


December 15th: Printed MicroBinoculars

As requested for months, we've finally got what you've been looking for and they come in 3 colors! 


December 3rd: Full Figures and Mashups (Now Available in the store!) 

Many of you have requested that I return some of old classic Combat Solider Mashups and Spartan Full figures! 


October 26th: Halo 4 comes early with the Galaxy Enforcer! 

Coming in both Red and Blue, you'll have the best Spartan IV's ever seen in the Galaxy!



October 14th: 501st Troopers

As request by so many of you, Minifigs4u is happy to once its first of many Fall customs!


October 1st: "Chief, can you hear me?" - Cortana 

Cortana from the Halo video game series has finally came to the site, more Halo stuff to come!


October 1st: The Equalist Soldiers invade!  

The final figure from the Bendor Series line for 2012, is here! 


September 12th: Darth Maul, a LEGO Exclusive! 

This extremely rare LEGO-made product is here for a limited time only with a very small stock of them!


September 12th: BatisBrick Kits are back!

Finally, after 9 months, the famous kits are back and in stock for a limited time only!


August 23rd: CloneArmyCustom Miniguns Now Available!

We're bringing in the the deadly weapon! The minigun!



August 23rd: Deviss and Hardcase Restocked! 

Your favorite and best sellers are back in stock for a limited time only! 


August 7th: CloneArmyCustom Wave 2 Weapons

Yes, there finally here! After months of waiting, you can now order for immediate shipping!


August 4th-5th: BrickFair Virginia 2012 

Hey guys, so I'll be gone for the next week in Northern Virginia at the BrickFair Convention selling and showcasing brand new products, so be sure to stop by and visit! You can learn more about the convention at there website: BrickFair.com (All orders from now until then will be shipped once I get back)


July 17th: CloneArmyCustom Helmets & Extras available now!

After months of perfection, we finally have the final Plastic-Injected versions available!


July 17th: Sci-Fi Legs in Multiple Colors, now available 

For the first time, Minifigs4u is releasing our own printed (non-minifigure) legs!


July 6th: The New Bender Series - Korra, now shipping!

Thats right, Pre-Orders and new orders are now shipping of one of the most-wanted figures here on the site!


July 6th: Cody, Fives, and Deviss Re-stocked! 

You wanted your favorites back, well here you go! 


June 4th: Pre-Order the New Bender Series - Korra 

Introducing our brand Bender Series with the first character: Korra, shes gonna go fast so buy while you can!



I'm moving, so that means I need to get rid of what I have! The store will be closed on June 15th and reopen July 1st!


May 15th: Buy 2 or More Premium Customs and get a Proto for FREE!

Get a CloneArmyCustom Prototype helmet or accessorie for buying 2 or more Premium Customs! (While Supplys Last!)


May 5th: We will not be reselling LittleArmShop anymore!

Due to unforchanet matters, we will no longer be selling LAS so whats left on my site is the last! 


May 1st Release: Deviss, Fives, 212th Trooper & Airborne

Sorry guys, but some of these are already sold out, we still have Deviss and some others!


May 1st Release: Retocks on Jeese, Hardcase, Wolffe, & Boost

Once again, where back with mre Premium Custom restocks, limited, so buy now! 



April 19th Release: Captain Rex Phase 2

Rex is very limited and a special Premium Custom! I'm very happy with how Rex came out!


April 17th Release: Commander Bly 

Bly is surly one our best customs made, and will special printing around the legs! In very limited quanity, so grab it fast!


April 3rd Release: Commander Wolffe

Commander Wolffe is another great Premium Custom to add to your collection and is made in very limited numbers!


March 25th Release: Hardcase, Jesse, Dogma, and Boost

New Star Wars Premium Printed Customs are now available with a wide varity of weapons included! 


March 20th Release: Commander Cody Now Shipping!

Commander Cody is finally shipping, and with new printing and 9 weapons, its a perfect custom clone! 


March 16th Release: Wave 3 LittleArmsShop Weapons

New weapons include the brand DC-15s ARC Blaster, which is a personal favorite of mine!


Feburary 12th Release: CloneArmyCustom Weapons

New Plastic-Injected weapons for favorite Clone Wars characters!