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Holiday 2021 Orders (and early 2022)

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Hi Minifigs4u fans!

First off, I want to say thank you to all of our customers for being so patient and supportive while we process & ship orders.

We've been getting a considerable amount of emails regarding the status of their pre-orders for figures. Most minifigures were expected to ship at the end of October and into November. However, because of delays on our suppliers end, dates got pushed back further and further leading to where we are now. I can finally share news of when Pre-Ordered figures will ship.

Commando Gregor Currently has pre-order status but hasn't started printing and no estimated ship date at this time. We also had a numerous amount of figures on Pre-Order over the last few months, some of which will be fulfilled in January-February 2022 . Please see the following shipments dates:

Appo (New Design) | Hardcase (New Design) | Kix (New Design) | Commander Doom | Imperial Commando currently does NOT have a pre-order status or any estimated ship date. We are expecting a estimated ship date for Late January-Early February 2022

Delta Squad ship to customers onDecember 14th 2021

Arc Troopers & Galactic Marines just came in stock and are available for purchase now!

Lasty, what is going to be printed, but hasn't started production (and no Pre-Orders)

Shock Troopers (New Design) | Arc Echo (New Design) | Commander Bly (New Design) | Arc Fives

Yes, as you can see not all of our Pre-Ordered figures will arrive before Christmas 2021. I completely understand your frustration if you have an order for one of the figures not arriving before Christmas, it's on our supplier's end where they just could not make deadlines due to extending circumstances. Pre-ordered figures that ship on the 17th should have their order arrive before Christmas (however, it's not guaranteed), I encourage our customers to keep an eye on your tracking number that was emailed to you.

If you had an order that has a figure that ships Dec 14th and one that ships Jan 2021, it will be shipped in January. Please contact me if you need the earlier shipment date for the figure in your order that we have in stock.

Information regarding the Holiday Season

We are accepting orders from Australia, but we’re currently holding them (not shipping) because USPS hasn’t resumed shipping yet to the country. The second it does, we’ll ship the orders. Should be very soon.

Deadlines to get your order by Christmas (not guaranteed) for the United States is December 17th and for International is December 6th

Lastly, we have printed shipping labels for Pre-Orders which is why an order is marked shipped on the website. We do this in order to anticipate fulfillment and speed up the process. So if you have an order that is shipped and the tracking shows "waiting to receive", the order has not yet been shipped. As expressed above, you will see the tracking information update very, very soon! Newly placed orders for items in stock will ship the next day.

Thank you all for your patience and I'm so sorry to customers that will not be receiving orders before Christmas, it was never the plan to have them ship so late. Happy Holidays! 

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